Recruitment 101


    Theta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho is constantly looking for new members to recruit to our fraternity. Since 1916 Theta Chapter has experienced outstanding success on campus and in CAFNR. We find that the best way to have this ongoing leadership is to recruit guys who have the best potential and making them better through our membership development program.


    Alpha Gamma Rho is suprisingly two fraternities in one. We're a social fraternity offering all kinds of experiences that involve our members in the exciting social scene of college life. Plus, we're a professional fraternity bonding our members in a common cause... to better themselves as they pursue careers in agriculture, food, or natural resources.


    Recruits, if Alpha Gamma Rho seems like an organization that you would be interested in joining please take the time to establish contact by filling out our recruitment form. Please Click Here.


    Attention Alumni!!!

    Recruitment names are needed. The recruitment teams needs your help in identifying outstanding young men who intend to coming to Mizzou. Please take time to contact the recruitment team if you know of a student who would benefit in membership to Alpha Gamma Rho.


    Recruitment Process

    1. Identify potiential recruits

    2. Establish contact and become friends

    3. Invite to recruitment event/weekend

    4. Meet other brothers

    5. Have fun during the event

    6. Interview usually on sunday

    7. Repeat steps 3-6

    8. Possibly offer bid to recruit

    9. Accept bid


    Coming to Mizzou and interested in a scholarship?

    The Popp/McBee Scholarship Program awards a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving incoming student to the University of Missouri that exemplifies the fraternity's values of character, integrity, leadership and scholarship.  Click here for the scholarship application. 

  • Recruitment Contact Information

    This is a basic introduction form for all potential recruits of Alpha Gamma Rho. If you are interested in Rushing Ag Rho, please take your time and fill out as much information below as possible.